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ingual brochures on science and technology in both Han and Tibetan languages. 銆€銆€During the one-week event, the science and tec▓hnology departments at the p

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refectural level will work▓ together with agriculture and animal husbandry dep▓artments and health departments to hold lectures, deliver popular science books a

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nd hold exhibitions. Chin▓a proposes greater co-op with U.S. in education, science, t▓echnologyWASHINGTON, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Chine▓se State Coun

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cilor Liu Yandong has put forward a seri▓es of proposals designed to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States ▓in educat

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ion, science and technology. Liu, who arrived here▓ from New York on Monday to continue her official visit to the U.S., met separately in the past three days wi?/p> 坱o the 10 lar

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verse activi ties will b▓e held, includi ng giving public l ectures on the curre nt scientific an d technological deve lopment, offering us eful techniq ues training for far mers and her ders, etc. 銆€?€€ With the theme of "b uilding an innovatio n-oriented c ount▓ry", the eve nt was designe d to make su re the latest 保亭黎族苗族自治县wap 乐平市wap 龙山县wap 江陵县5G 凤庆县5G 黄石市5G 河津市wap 夏邑县5G 河北5G 长子县wap 凌云县5G 浮梁县5G 高平市5G 西城区wap 济源市5G 仙桃市wap 南通市5G 稷山县wap 白城市wap 开远市wap 今日新开单职业传奇私服网站 超变单职业传奇私服发布网 传奇私服sf 热血传奇私服私服 传奇私服架设教程 传奇私服开服教程 中变传奇私服新开区网站 自己开传奇私服赚钱吗 新开热血传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服单机登录器下载